Becoming an Information Technology Specialist

With today's dependency on the internet, computers and information, there is a high demand for an information technology specialist. Children are raised understanding how to use the computer for school research, people connect with old friends and businesses transfer information in mere seconds. Information technology specialists are there to ensure that this complex network of computers continues to run smoothly and accurately.

What is an Information Technology Specialist

All data is built on a series of databases, operating systems, networks and applications. These are run through monitors, disks, printers, and various software and hardware. Everything needs to work together in order for the computer system to operate properly. Information technology specialists work to install, monitor, repair and develop these tools. They work in almost any type of organization from small companies to large corporations and are an integral part of keeping the business running smoothly.

The Job Description

Information technology specialists may handle network and systems administration, help with technical support, fix software issues, design web sites or handle site administration. Some of them work in research, utilizing the internet for their information. These individuals are computer savvy and know how to use the internet to find, develop or resolve almost any issue dealing with computers. They are analytical, problem solvers who are capable of multi-tasking. In addition, they often work from comfortable offices, computer laboratories or even telecommute.

Who Works with Information Technology Specialists

While there is a high demand that is only expected to increase for information technology specialists in almost any industry, the professional and commercial equipment and supplies wholesaler industry employees the highest number of these workers. The average salary is nearly $50,000 with some in the field earning more than $110,000. The best job prospects are available for those who attain a college degree and certification in various computer programs. Some companies require certain certifications in order to qualify for employment.

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The Changing Times of Information Technology Specialists

10 years ago, the internet was a new concept that few people understood or used. Today people handle their banking, read mail, shop, do research and do their taxes directly from the convenience of a computer. The wealth of information has created an entirely new dynamic for the world marketplace. This technology is sure to continue to transform rapidly, meaning that information technology specialists must be able to adapt and acquire new skills regularly to meet the demand. This field requires a lifetime of learning for those in the industry.

As an information technology specialist, there will never be a lack of positions available. In fact, this career field is expected to increase by over 30 percent in the next ten years. As more new technology is adopted, more new jobs will become available. The boom in the mobile technologies market is also driving employment for these candidates. Growth will also create more need for network security as cyber attacks and identity theft continue to become more sophisticated, threatening both individuals and companies.
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